What you see

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to each person who took the time to read my post. I was very nervous at first but the amount of love and feedback that I received is beyond what I could have imagined.

Today, I want to talk about perception. How you as a person view the world, your relationships, etc.

We are currently living in a world where, what you see is NOT what you get (most of the time). There are tons of social media accounts posting about their wonderful unbreakable relationships, all the beautiful trips they take around the world, people with the most insanely perfect bodies, facial features, expensive cars, clothes and the list goes on. None. of. that. is. real… we have all fallen into this cycle of trying to find perfection because of our perception of others. Well here is a little reminder that we are human beings with faults, dysfunctional relationships, bodies with scars, a little bit of unwanted fat, living paycheck to paycheck. We are the same as the ones who post about their perfect life. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t make your life less valuable and beautiful because you think it isn’t good enough, fun enough or extravagant enough. Don’t ever let your perception of others ruin what you have. You are beautiful and so is your life, because it isn’t perfect.

I am guilty of doing that too, I look at others and say “ wow how perfect are they?! “, when in reality my life is good enough for me. Sometimes we don’t value the wonderful things we have in life because we always want more. It’s okay to want more and have the drive to do better, but be happy and don’t seek perfection. Understand that your perception of other people is just that, because behind closed doors we are all very similar, fighting the same battles.

I really hope you guys enjoy reading these posts. I will have many different topics to talk about, Fashion, Travel, and my favorite ( Life). If anyone has any feedback or questions, feel free to message me. I am always here to listen and talk. Until next time friends.

Dream Big,

Vanessa Navarro.

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