Why do you fight?

Hello Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well and have started on your 2019 goals, I know I have!


I’ve been seeing so many people talk about their health journey or fitness journey so I wanted to share mine with you. When I was young around 15/16 years old I was diagnosed with Anxiety / Panic Disorder. I was not living a healthy life at all, I mean no one at 15/16 does. You party and eat anything and everything in sight without even thinking about how it could affect you. For anyone who suffers from anxiety or panic disorder you know what it comes with. Personally for me it came with loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss, paranoia, depression, feeling empty and lost, etc. I was pretty much scared of life itself, It was horrible, debilitating, and I really needed to get it under control and figure out how to get my life back.

At my lowest weight 99 pounds

For a little while I had it under control and I gained what I call “Happy Weight”, which basically means I was happy and eating and didn’t really care about anything else. In 2014 I decided to change my lifestyle and eat as wholesome as possible as well as workout on a regular basis. Now that was FARRRRRR from easy, since I was still dealing with anxiety, but I worked with what I had. Little by little I made changes to help me succeed. I started with the treadmill, and worked my way up, then I wanted something more challenging so I took Bare classes at Inline Fitness and I finally moved up to the big dogs and got a membership at Knockout Fitness, which is a boxing gym but we also do a ton of cardio and weight lifting to target different muscle groups. What I consumed on a daily basis was also very important. I cut out refined sugars as much as possible, no sodas, no juices unless I made them myself or it was freshly made at a juice bar. No over processed meals and definitely no fast food, not even chick fila (Sorry but that is not a healthy substitute, for you fast food lovers). I really stuck to eating organic wholesome foods and doing a lot of research on food combining and how to spot the good foods from the bad. You might think, well its pretty obvious what is bad for you but you would be shocked at the amount of people who aren’t very educated on what healthy actually is.

Happy Weight – Before starting a healthy routine

After about a year of really sticking to my lifestyle change I realized how I didn’t have panic attacks anymore, or how I didn’t feel scared or paranoid. If anything I felt strong, I felt like I was on top of the world. The gym and my trainers at Knockout helped me from the start to become the strong person that I didn’t know I could be. Not only were they my trainers but also my friends. I went from feeling insecure and not being able to do one push up, to having muscle definition, flipping tires and learning how to box.

Best type of workout

The gym, eating healthy and really taking care of myself saved my life. I don’t take medication, I simply chose to really figure out what works for my body and what makes me happy. My journey into a healthy lifestyle was not an easy one but it was worth every second of it. It’s so important to take care of yourself, mentally and physically. Eat well, workout, decompress and enjoy your life. This is just a little summary of my journey but I hope you guys took something from it. It’s never too late to start your journey and to solve all of those underlying health issues, which most of the time can be fixed with some simple changes. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask, I would be more than happy to answer them. Until next time my friends!

Dream Big,

Vanessa Navarro




New Year, Improved Me.

Well…its finally here. It’s the end of one year and beginning of another. This is the time where most people get the burst of energy to become dreamers and set goals, start the gym , start a new diet, change their hairstyle. It’s the time where everyone’s main line is “New year, New me”…. except for me. This new year I am saying “New Year, IMPROVED ME”, why? because in all reality I’m not going to change in some magnificent way where I will be unrecognizable. In reality, I will still be me, with my same dreams and maybe some new ones. My life is going to be fairly similar, so what I’ve decided to focus on is simply improving myself, bettering myself in every single aspect of life. Setting attainable goals and really trying to hit every single one, waking up every day being positive even on days where I don’t want to be.

This year has been a tough one, with a close friends passing, my grandfather being ill, trying to move up the latter at work and other personal stuff, I feel drained. So many ups and downs that I feel like I just went on the most loop filled roller-coaster there was. Besides all of the DOWNS of 2018 lets not forget to be thankful for all the UPs that 2018 brought me. I went to Jamaica with the Howard’s and had the best time of my life, worked out 6 days a week and was in the best shape (still am 💪🏽) , close friends got engaged, had many wine nights, danced a lot, made new friends and continued to smile and push through all the annoyances.

One thing that 2018 has taught me is to really cherish the time you have on earth. To spend time with family and the people you love the most, to really really enjoy life and not let anyone control or stop you from doing whatever it is that YOU WANT to do. We have one life.. ONE. Smile a lot, tell people how you feel, open up to people and talk, make new friends, dance, sing out loud, try something you’re afraid of, live this year and everyone after that to its fullest. We have one opportunity to make it the best and to make all of our dreams a reality. I challenge all of you to really push yourselves and really try hard to do what you love. I am leaving 2018 behind and entering 2019 with a positive mindset and a heart full of love.  Cheers to 2019 being the best year yet!!….. Until next time my friends.

Dream Big,

Vanessa Navarro

What you see

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to each person who took the time to read my post. I was very nervous at first but the amount of love and feedback that I received is beyond what I could have imagined.

Today, I want to talk about perception. How you as a person view the world, your relationships, etc.

We are currently living in a world where, what you see is NOT what you get (most of the time). There are tons of social media accounts posting about their wonderful unbreakable relationships, all the beautiful trips they take around the world, people with the most insanely perfect bodies, facial features, expensive cars, clothes and the list goes on. None. of. that. is. real… we have all fallen into this cycle of trying to find perfection because of our perception of others. Well here is a little reminder that we are human beings with faults, dysfunctional relationships, bodies with scars, a little bit of unwanted fat, living paycheck to paycheck. We are the same as the ones who post about their perfect life. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t make your life less valuable and beautiful because you think it isn’t good enough, fun enough or extravagant enough. Don’t ever let your perception of others ruin what you have. You are beautiful and so is your life, because it isn’t perfect.

I am guilty of doing that too, I look at others and say “ wow how perfect are they?! “, when in reality my life is good enough for me. Sometimes we don’t value the wonderful things we have in life because we always want more. It’s okay to want more and have the drive to do better, but be happy and don’t seek perfection. Understand that your perception of other people is just that, because behind closed doors we are all very similar, fighting the same battles.

I really hope you guys enjoy reading these posts. I will have many different topics to talk about, Fashion, Travel, and my favorite ( Life). If anyone has any feedback or questions, feel free to message me. I am always here to listen and talk. Until next time friends.

Dream Big,

Vanessa Navarro.

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